How to Install a Superior Slide Lock model SLK-25BLUE

The SLK-25BLUE Slide Lock ‘Blue’ is an alternative spring configuration for the SLK-25A. It utilizes a medium-duty Raymond die spring, and a minor modification to the machining geometry for the Slide Lock holder/spring to facilitate the same holding power as the original SLK-25A.

SLK-25BLUE Machining Data and Installation

Spring Pocket Machining Information

Blue Raymond die spring (part number 341-0804) under 25% pre-load, load = 27.5 lbs. 35% of free length of spring = 0.650″ compressed, load = 38.5 lbs.

Holder Assembly Machining Information


Latch Assembly Machining Information

The latch is usually mounted into the slide because of normal space limitations and requirements. This is not a rule though, and the designer may locate the various components to best suit the application.

Mold Open

Set angle pin to release .050 to .075” from full stroke. Slide lock will snap to full stroke to assure re-entry clearance.

Mold Closed

Place slide lock from centerline to centerline of stroke.

Slide Lock Assembly Reference