Features And Benefits of Raymond Die Springs



Superior Materials
& Wire Profile

  • All Raymond die springs are made from high tensile strength chromium alloy steels.
  • Optimal wire cross section.
  • Spring ends are ground square.
  • Other raw materials are available for special conditions and environments.
  • Inherent toughness to withstand heavy load demands.
  • Superior performance in high stress applications.
  • Heat resistance up to 350°F.
  • Readily available, cost efficient raw material.
  • Consistent controlled metallurgy.
  • Offers maximum design possibilities.
  • Wire cross section provides optimum deflection and protection against failure due to excessive stress build-up.
  • Square ends create reliable, flat, maximum load-bearing surface.
  • Specialty materials available to meet customer requirements.
Dimensional Consistency
  • Dimensional requirements remain consistent and measurably the same from one batch of springs to the next.
  • Provides uniform spring performance.
  • Insures consistent rate recordings.
  • Greater load accuracy at a given test height.
  • Certainty that OD will work freely in prescribed hole and ID will work freely over prescribed rod.
  • Raymond assurance of the highest production and quality standards.
  • Reliable performance engineered into every Raymond die spring.
Longer Spring Life
  • Engineered to better withstand shock loading.
  • Designed to endure constant high-speed deflections.
  • Shot-peened to increase fatigue life.
  • Less downtime.
  • Reliable, trouble-free performance.
  • Increased fatigue life by as much as 30%.
  • Reduced spring breakage.
  • Uniform performance over a longer lifetime.
  • More cost effective.
  • Extra performance margins.
Excellent Deflection
  • Springs provide greater available travel to solid.
  • More travel in each spring.
  • Higher load capacities.
  • Increased fatigue life.
  • Greater application flexibility.
  • More reliable performance.
  • Lower solid height.