What are Superior Slide Locks?

Superior Slide Locks

Superior Slide Locks are spring-loaded mechanical detent devices designed to effectively prevent operational slipping of the slide in your mold base.

Slide-Lock components are compact and hold their rated weights without hydraulics or other complicated devices and can be used in multiples to achieve greater weight retention. The simplicity of the Slide-Lock design allows dependable, repetitive mold base slide motion and can help minimize production halts. At our online store you can buy Superior Slide Locks.

Play the following video to see Superior Slide Locks in operation.

Operating Information for All Models of Superior Slide Locks

Superior Slide Locks In Operation
Note A: For proper “Release Distance” see the Data for each specific Slide-Lock model.


High strength tool alloy construction provides durable production life. Slide-Lock components resist wear over many slide cycles.


Superior Slide-Locks are recessed into the slide for neat installation and can also be retrofitted into existing slides. Simple pocket machining is all you need to install Slide-Locks.

  • Compact, fits with the mold base.
  • No protruding hardware on the mold base exterior.
  • Ideal for use in space-confined areas.
  • Large flat surface contact provides greater slide retention and positive locking.
  • Easily machined into existing slides.
  • Mounts with simple socket head cap screws.

The Slide Lock ‘Blue’ is an alternative spring configuration for the SLK-25A. It utilizes a medium-duty Raymond die spring, and a minor modification to the machining geometry for the Slide Lock holder/spring to facilitate the same holding power as the original SLK-25A.