Quill Punches

QuillPunchesWhat is a Quill Punch?

Buy Quill Punches online. Quill punches are long and skinny, punching tools made of hardened tool steel manufactured to a precise diameter. They have a round shank and a beveled head or a round head. When the heads are cone-shaped they may be referred to as bevel head punches or angle head punches. When the heads are round they may be called cylindrical head punches. When the steel and dimensional tolerances are upgraded in quality they may be referred to as perforator punches, perforators, or core pin blanks.


Common uses are in stamping dies for blanking and piercing, in injection molds as core pins, and in quality inspection as go/no go gauges.

Brief History

In the 1960’s quill punches were made of W-1 or O-1 tool steel. But toolmakers wanted longer-lasting cutting edges and more resistance to shock and heat. So manufacturers responded by making quill punches of A-2 or D-2 steel. All was good until plastic injection molding and high-speed stamping grew in popularity.

Then, tool makers wanted better performance. So manufacturers switched to M-2 high-speed steel, vacuum heat treatment, and precision form grinding. To accompany these improvements, quill punches were renamed perforators or core pin blanks.

Not everyone agrees about the name change. So today, the term “quill punch” is confusing and may refer to the older (lower cost) style or the improved style.

To clarify the difference, we have a Quill Punches / Bevel Headed Punches product category which has the older style quill punches. It also has the improved perforators, but only if they have beveled heads. We also have a Perforators / Coin Pin Blanks product category which has our complete selection of the improved-style perforators.

Buying Quill Punches

Quill punches are usually sold offline because the specifications can require customers to input lengths and point-diameters. There are thousands of standard, off-the-shelf, sizes which do not require customer input. But creating and maintain a website with so much data and user-input has been too difficult for most manufacturers. Consequently, most websites offering quill punches for sale simply have a limited offering of a few standard sizes. Luckily, these obstacles have been overcome by DieSupplies.com. We have a complete selection so that you can buy quill punches online.


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