How to Install a Superior Slide Lock model SLK-50A

The SLK-50A holds up to 50 lbs. per Slide-Lock without hydraulics or other complicated devices. Multiple Slide-Locks can be utilized to achieve greater weight retention. Simple, rugged design is virtually maintenance free. Superior Slide-Locks are recessed into slide for neat installation and can be retrofitted into your existing slides. Assembly made from quality materials and hardened for continuous production durability.

SLK-50A Machining Data and Installation

Latch Assembly Machining Information

SLK-50A Latch

Holder Assembly Machining Information

SLK-50A Holder

Mold Open

SLK-50A Mold Open
Set angle pin to release .020 to .050” from full stroke. Slide lock will snap to full stroke to assure re-entry clearance.

Mold Closed

Place slide lock from centerline to centerline of stroke.

Slide Lock Assembly Reference