Drill Rod Length, Standard Lengths

The table below shows the manufacturers who produce drill rod length of 36″, 72″, 144″, or 915mm. These are standard lengths which are produced by most manufactures. Some will produce drill rod in custom lengths too. But rod lengths longer than 12 feet (144″) are generally not available.

To use this table, find a unit of measurement and steel grade in the left columns. Read the standard drill rod length in the other columns of the same row. An empty cell indicates that the manufacturer does not offer the product.

You can also click a link in the table to visit our online store. Each link goes to the relevant drill rod product page.

Units Steel Grade Precision Marshall DB&S Steel Starrett Precision Brand
Inches O-1 36″, 72″, 144″ 36″ 36″ 36″
W-1 36″, 72″, 144″ 36″ 36″ 36″
A-2 36″, 72″, 144″ 36″ 36″
S-7 36″, 72″, 144″ 36″
D-2 36″ 36″
M-2 36″
H-13 36″
Metric O-1 915mm 915mm
A-2 915mm 915mm