Drill Rod Color Codes by Manufacturer

Drill Rod Color Codes

Some manufacturers paint the drill rod color code on at least one end of the rod. Others put a color-coded label on the package. There is no industry standard recognized by all manufacturers. You can bookmark this page to make it readily available for helping to identify tool steel drill rod produced by the leading US manufacturers.

Avoid confusion. The following suggestions may prevent you from accidentally mixing your own drill rod inventory. Some of these techniques can be combined to improve the segregation of your stock.

  • Buy rods from only one manufacturer
  • Stock only one grade of tool steel rod
  • Maintain separate shelving units for each manufacturer’s rods
  • Apply your own marking or color code to each rod when it arrives
  • Keep cans of spray paint nearby so that cut rods can be re-painted
  • Store each different grade of tool steel rod at a different location within your facility

This Manufacturer Drill Rod Color Code Table shows the codes used by the leading North American manufacturers. To use the table, find a steel grades in the left column. Read the color code in the other columns of the same row. An empty cell indicates that the manufacturer does not offer the grade of steel.

You can also click a link in the table to visit our online store. Each link goes to the relevant drill rod product page.

Drill Rod Color Code Table

Steel Grade Precision Marshall DB&S Steel Starrett Precision Brand
O-1 (inch) Green Yellow Red Red
O-1 (metric) Green Black
A-2 (inch) Blue Green Light Blue
A-2 (metric) Blue Violet (purple)
D-2 White Orange
W-1 Red Red Black Black
S-7 Black Blue
M-2 Orange
H-13 Brown